A strong brand identity creates consistency, establishes credibility, and brings trust to our clients.
It's a crucial element that sets businesses apart and leaves a lasting impression on their audience. It embraces the visual and emotional aspects that define a brand's personality, its values, and its purpose.
Like the creative process going on in Grandma's kitchen, combining various ingredients to create a harmonious and flavorful dish, developing a brand identity involves carefully selecting and combining elements such as logos, colors, typography, imagery, and messaging. These elements, like that secret recipe, must work together in perfect balance to strike with a delicious experience!
Lo de Facu
Here are some things we worked on for our friends at Lo de Facu. In addition to creating the logo, we also implemented it in a variety of ways, including menus, delivery boxes, and a fun seamless pattern that we applied to the brand's identity.
instagram: @lodefacu
Vivero del Puerto
We had the pleasure of working with our friends at Vivero del Puerto on a variety of projects.
We started by designing a traditional style logo, but wanted to add a bit of personality to it. We incorporated a fun twist, with a classic Thick n' Thin typography, that would help the logo stand out while still remaining true to the brand's identity.
From there, we expanded our work to include a hand-painted storefront sign and a range of other fun ideas, such as truck signage and graphic designs for their grass-growing van.
instagram: @viverodelpuerto
Fogline Coffee
We had the pleasure of working with our friends at Fogline Coffee, located in Northern California. Our goal was to create a logo that captured the essence of the unique Humboldt mornings, with fog clouds rolling through the valleys. One of our favorite parts of the project was designing the coffee bags.
We collaborated closely with Rob at Fogline Coffee to create a beautiful end product that truly reflected the brand's identity.
We enjoyed this project immensely, fueled by the cups of coffee that came along with it.
instagram: @foglinecoffee
La Heroica
For our friends at La Heroica. One of my personal favorites. Just like their breads!
instagram: @laheroicafn
For the Clever logo, we embraced a minimalist design that cleverly incorporates the brand's identity into every aspect of it. From the subdued color scheme to the simple design, we wanted to create a serious and memorable signature look that truly embodied the brand's personality. Sometimes, the cleverest ideas are also the simplest ones.
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